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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zambales Road Trip

My family and I took a trip to SBMA today. From Candelaria, the journey would take about two hours, about three if you take the Victory Liner. It was a pretty good trip, and it made me appreciate our lovely province more.

It's kind of sad to see that many modern houses are replacing the old ones. I wonder if there are any families who still have their ancestral homes and would consider restoring it instead of tearing it down for a fancier home. I know that many people consider such houses a sign of wealth, but it's sad that we're losing them.

There are also many interesting places to visit around Zambales. Casa San Miguel is among them, and many of the beaches in the surrounding area is fast becoming the place to visit for the summer. Last year, many of my friends visited Anawangin and Capones. Some even made it to Potipot Island here in our town. Granted facilities are sadly lacking, but if you want the ultimate in solitude, these are the places you must visit.

We shopped around the duty free stores (there were alot of people in Royal Duty Free), picking up chocolates that aren't easily available in department stores in Manila, and picking up things we need at home.

On our way back, I saw Mt. Tapulao and vowed that someday soon (maybe even next year?) I'd go and visit.