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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pundaquit Festival Season 19

The Pundaquit Festival is the community arts program of CASA San Miguel. It is designed to help develop the local fishing community through various programs that include short and long-term residencies for visiting artists and performers. Workshops and exhibits are also organized and held.

Photo courtesy of Pundquit Festival Season 19

The 19th season is entitled "Yaman Dagat: Ugat ng Lahi". The program aims to foster excellence and empowerment through enlightenment and direct mentorship.

The schedule for the Pundaquit Festival is listed below. For more details, please visit the Pundaquit Festival Season 19 website.




Neo Nocturne Choir Chorost
Pundaquit Virtuosi/Coke Bolipata Chamber Concert 1
Raya Martin The Great Cinema Party

David Eggar (with Coke Bolipata & Pundaquit Virtuosi)
Mabuhay Singers

Good Friday: Seven Last Words
Easter Sunday: Brandenburg Concertos
Pundaquit Virtuosi/Coke Bolipata Chamber Concert 2

FEB Treasures Of A Hidden Zambales Heritage
MAR Leeroy New Psychopom's Reef
        Brendale Tadeo/Rolf Campos Prusisyon
APR Nico Sepe Nag-iisang Dagat

Miguel Estrada (May 5)
Yvonne Madarang (May 12)
Kianne Estaban / Gab Mendoza (May 19)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zambales Mango Festival starts tomorrow!!!

Friends, the annual Zambales Mango Festival will kick off tomorrow. It's a four day event and it celebrates its 11th year this 2011.

Gov. Ebdane and Vice Gov. Lacbain will lead the opening ceremonies to be held at Iba, the provincial capital. Expected to grace the event is Senator Francis Pangilinan, chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food. Regional directors Blesila Lantayona of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Ronaldo Tiotuico, Department of Tourism (DOT), Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region 3 Director Alfredo Tolentino and Police Chief Superintendent Allan Purisima of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Region 3, as well as representatives from PhilHealth Region 3 are also on the expected guest list.

So what should you expect with the four day festivities? On Day 1, after the ceremonies, there will be a photo contest and featured art exhibits. An ultimate dance craze program will be part of the street parade and street dance competition.

Day 2 will include events like a boxing competition, search for talented employees, a pig catching game (a staple in most Filipino fiestas) and even a carabao race. There's also a dog show. Regular fiesta programs like the mango forum and PINAKA LGU booth competition are still present.

Day 3 will have mango carving and mango eating contests. There's also a battle of the bands and the judging of the photo contest. New events such as the Zambales Song Writing Competition and Ginoo at Binibining Zambales 200 Grand Pageant night will cap the events.

This annual celebration is a joint program of the Zambales Mango Development Council and the provincial government to help boost the mango industry of the province. (Thanks to PIA for the news)

Personal biases aside, I really believe that Zambales has the best tasting mangoes. Yes, I've tried others (I will not name them so as not so spark a fight), and I keep coming back to it. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Pundaquit Festival Schedule (Season 18)

The Pundaquit Festival is the community arts program of CASA San Miguel designed to develop the local fishing community through various programs including long- and short-term residencies for visiting artists, performances, workshops and exhibits. Now in it's 17th season entitled "r/evolution", the program aims to foster excellence and empowerment through enlightenment and direct mentorship.

Casa San Miguel (Photo by Miel David)

The performance series for Season Eighteen 2011 at the newly-renovated Ramon l. Corpus Hall features a series of intimate chamber music concerts featuring CASA San Miguel founder Coke Bolipata, with the Pundaquit Virtuosi (the chamber group composed of local talents he trains)with guest artists including David Eggar and the Philippine Madrigal Singers.

February 26: BACHBACHAN: Back-to-back Bach
Featuring: Concerto for harpsichord in F Minor with guest pianist Jourdann Petalver, the Concerto for violin and oboe with guest oboist Franz Ramirez, and the Orchestral Suite #1 in C Major.

March 11 & 12
Philippine Madrigal Singers in celebration of CASA San Miguel's 17th Foundation Day

March 27: Drama't Emo
Revives highlights of the romantic period including Dvorak's American String Quartet, Beethoven's String Quartet Op 18, Brahms String Sextet in B-Flat Major and Mendelssohn Octet in E-Flat Major.

April 16
Cellist David Eggar serves his week-long residency culminating with a concert on April 16 with the Pundaquit Virtuosi and Aeta tribes from Botolan. Eggar is a 2011 Grammy-nominated artist for his arrangement of Itsbynne Reel, a track on his Kingston Blues album.


April 22, Good Friday
Seven Last Words of Christ by Joseph Haydn

April 24
Light Easter concert featuring the Minstrels of Hope

May 28
SOLOISTS NIGHT with the Pundaquit Virtuosi under the batons of Olga Elloso and Jourdann Petalver featuring:

  • 14 year old Miguel Estrada in Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E-minor;
  • 10 year old Julian Duque in Sarasate's Gypsy Airs;
  • 14 year old Yvonne Madarang in Mozart's Violin Concerto in D Major;
  • 15 year old Joven Aquisap in Telleman's Viola Concerto;
  • 19 year old cellist Nehemiah Lipana in Boccherini's Cello Concerto in G Major.

Concert tickets are priced at P1000 each, and includes entrance to the galleries, cocktails before the show and post concert dinner with featured artists and resident artists of Casa San Miguel. Activities for season seventeen are made possible primarily by Starbucks Coffee and D and L industries with partnerships with Sony, Lyric pianos, Star Philippines, and DZFE-FM. For more information, please call the secretariat at 6818304.

Casa San Miguel Facebook

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zambales mentioned in Lonely Planet's Top Ten Value Destinations for 2011

Lonely Planet lists the Philippines as one of the "Top Ten Value Destinations for 2011". Our lovely province Zambales gets a special mention as well!

The Philippines may be just about to rudely shove Thailand off the ‘best cheap beaches’ perch it’s occupied for the best part of two decades. While travellers argue long and hard about which is cheaper, there’s no denying Thailand is more popular. For those who desire nothing more than to find great, undiscovered beaches, surf the odd wave and eat unique, distinctive food for under US$20 a day, the Philippines has the edge. Add in the possibility of beach camping along the Zambales Coast or in the Bacuit Archipelago and you’ve got the recipe for timeless island hopping that suits any budget. Ferries link many idyllic destinations in the Philippines. Expect to pay around US$5 for each hour you’re on the water. (Source)

I heartily agree that Zambales has one of the best coastlines in the country and is easily accessible from Manila.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Manila Bulletin article on Casa San Miguel

This is one my favorite places in Zambales. My sister and youngest brother used to study here.

An art center betwixt the mountains and the seas
June 27, 2010, 11:58am
Some tourists travel to the province of Zambales to experience a quick beach getaway, others to get a taste of its bountiful harvest that includes the world’s sweetest mangoes. But for the artistically inclined, they visit the province to indulge in Filipino artistry at its finest.

Casa San Miguel is nestled within the stretch of wonderful beaches and breathtaking mountains.

This oasis for fine arts was built in 1921 by the Corpuz family. The house initially served as the family’s own retreat house by the sea and a place for picnics and numerous musical gatherings.

In 1993, Coke Bolipata, grandson of the original owner Ramon L. Corpuz, designed an Art Center to replace the house that was damaged over time. Since then, Casa San Miguel became a center where Filipino talent is honed and developed.

From being a haven for leisurely picnics and family gatherings, the place became a home for budding artists who wish to develop their skills and learn more about their craft. This center for the arts was built on the belief that art can extend its boundaries to create more awareness for an enriched humanity.

The main house features a distinctively artistic appeal for artists and art lovers. The interiors and accents within the main house instill inspiration and fascination for the arts. Amidst mango trees and lush greeneries are scattered art works including sculptures from Leeroy New. A relaxing ambience fills the air as visitors realize the overflowing creativity that the house has produced over the years.

Casa San Miguel complements the scenery by housing indoor concerts for the public. The Ramon Corpuz Hall is designed for concerts that can accommodate a chamber orchestra, theater plays, operettas and even ballet productions. Outside the hall is an outdoor circular theater that serves as an alternative venue where guests can enjoy concerts and performances with nature as its backdrop.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

News article: Zambales after Pinatubo

19 years after Pinatubo’s ‘big bang,’ a lot of changes for these folks
By: Tonette Orejas
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Norther Luzon Bureau

WITH SIX GOATS IN TOW, Miranda King stands on the edge of a cliff, surveying the grass and shrubs below before the sun sets over Inararo, the closest village to Mount Pinatubo on the side of Porac, Pampanga.

King, 80, makes a slow descent, wanting to feed his goats with plants wet by the morning dew. To his far right, layers of charcoal-colored rocks cover the slopes in this part of the volcano that erupted in June 1991 and changed Central Luzon’s landscape.

The sand, ash and pumice stones that the eruptions spewed out are gone, washed down by rains. No one in his Aeta tribe ventures here, though, because the rocks chip off from the weight of climbers.

Far down, to King’s left, the river in San Marcelino, Zambales, looks every bit like a winding highway leading straight to the South China Sea. Houses dot what is now a green sweep.

In Inararo, two waterfalls gurgle off water, feeding streams in the village. But irrigation is not enough because farms covered by volcanic debris need lots of water.

And so members of King’s clan planted banana one would think a plantation is out here. They were so desperate to earn that they cultivated the plant even on steep rises.

Villa Maria resettlement, a half-day walk from Inararo, offers a bird’s eye view of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway that cuts through the highlands of Hermosa and Dinalupihan towns in Bataan, and Floridablanca and Porac towns in Pampanga.

King’s grandson, Joseph, left for Saudi Arabia two years ago to work as a welder.

“Dakal na ing menibayu (A lot has changed),” King said of his clan’s life and their environs.

Read more: 19 years after Pinatubo’s ‘big bang,’ a lot of changes for these folks

Thursday, May 13, 2010

News: Ebdane declared as Zambales governor

Three days after the country's first automated elections, the winning candidates of the gubernatorial and congressional slots in Zambales were declared. Hermogenes Ebdane Jr., former Public Works and Highways Secretary came victorious against Amor Deloso, who was seeking re-election as Zambales governor.

Mitos Magsaysay and Antonio Diaz, both re-elected representatives of the first and second districts of Zambales respectively, were also proclaimed.

The delay in the proclamation was attributed to transmission problems in several clustered precincts, as well as compact flash cards in four towns that were deemed defective.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Pundaquit Festival Season 17 Calendar of Activities

For more details, visit the Pundaquit Festival blog.

The Seventeenth Season of the Pundaquit Festival is made possible by support from Starbucks Coffee, D&L Industries and Lyrics Pianos with additional contributions from generous individuals.

Interested sponsors can call 632-6818304 or e-mail for details regarding support.

Holy Week events at the Casa San Miguel

It's the 17th season of the Pundaquit Festival. On Friday, April 2, 2010, the Pundaquit Virtuosi will perform Haydn's "Seven Last Words." This performance is a yearly event conducted by the group as part of the Pundaquit Festival as well as the celebration of the Holy Week.

Haydn was commissioned by the Cathedral of Cádiz in 1785 to write seven orchestral interludes to be performed alongside the recitation of Jesus' seven last words, including an introduction and an epilogue.

On Sunday, April 4, 2010, the Pundaquit Virtuosi will perform Handel's "Messiah," an English oratorio composed by George Frideric Handel.

These events are open to everyone and admission is free.

For more details, visit the Pundaquit Festival blog.

I was able to see this about two years ago. You must give this a try at least once. The Pundaquit Virtuosi is a very talented group of kids and young adults, led by Coke Bolipata.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Know your candidates!


Zambales Candidates

For Provincial Governor

  • Deloso, Amor Dominado ; (LP )
  • Ebdane, Hermogenes Jr. Edejer "Jun"; (LM )
  • Español, Myrna Flordelisa "Myrna"; (IND. )
  • Pangan, Hilary Dantes "Padz"; (AKP )

For Provincial Vice Governor

  • Ablola, Samuel Domil "Sam"; (IND. )
  • Bactad, Saturnino Viado "Satur"; (LP )
  • Collado, Renato Hebron "Atong"; (LKS-KAM )
  • Deloso, Jury Elamparo ; (LM )
  • Lacbain, Ramon II Groesbeck "Mon"; (IND. )
  • Viloria, Willie Bonilla "Boy Agimat"; (IND. )

For Member, House of Representatives (1st District)

  • Gordon, Anne Marie Cuñada "Anne"; (B.BAYAN )
  • Magsaysay, Maria Milagros E Habana "Mitos"; (LKS-KAM )

For Member, House of Representatives (2nd District)

  • Deloso-Montalla, Cheryl Poynter "Cheryl"; (LP )
  • Diaz, Antonio Magsaysay "Buenas Diaz"; (LM )
  • Mendoza, Alfred Sebarrotin "Al"; (LKS-KAM )

For Provincial Board Members (1st District)

  • Abata, Virgilio Esteves "Dong"; (LP )
  • Dela Llana, Loretta Panlilio "Baby"; (LP )
  • Felarca, Jose Benedicto Dela Cruz "Jb"; (LP )
  • Gutierrez, Jose De Jesus "Peping"; (IND. )
  • Khonghun, Jonathan John Ferrer "Jon"; (LP )
  • Pantaleon, Teofilo Jr. Gallardo "Boy"; (NP )

For Provincial Board Members (2nd District)

  • Abasta, Sancho Jr. Agostosa "Jun"; (LKS-KAM )
  • Bada, Lawag Fontelera "Ding"; (NP )
  • Blanco, Roberto Ronquillo "Boy"; (LP )
  • Dacquel, Leonardo Goce "Dong"; (IND. )
  • Ebarle, Eric Estella "Eric"; (IND. )
  • Edora, Quentin Estella "Kens"; (LKS-KAM )
  • Ejanda-juarez, Gigi Ejida "Gigi"; (LP )
  • Elamparo, Porfirio Felix "Toy"; (LP )
  • Fallorin, Conrado Caguineman ""k""; (IND. )
  • Fogata, Florante Viado "Dante"; (LP )
  • Guatlo, Milagros Araña "Rosie"; (LP )
  • Gutierrez, Gabriel De Castro "Bing"; (IND. )
  • Jugatan, Lito Tominis "Tubag"; (AKP )
  • Medina, Herminigildo Flores "Power Eagle"; (IND. )
  • Misa, Eddie Boy Edquid "Boy Misa"; (LKS-KAM )
  • Pacis, Jose Torres "Boy Pacis"; (LKS-KAM )
  • Pamoleras, Danilo Uy "Danny"; (IND. )
  • Pangan, Wilfredo Paul Dantes "Jun"; (LM )
  • Paradeza, Erodito Ancheta "Rody"; (LP )
  • Tarongoy, Reynaldo Cabana "Rey"; (LP )