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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Conquer Zambales: The Sidetrip Travel Magazine Adventure Race

 Sidetrip, a free quarterly travel magazine featuring new and exciting places to visit in the philippines, is hosting “Conquer Zambales: A Sidetrip Travel Magazine Adventure Race” this October 24 & 25. One hundred teams of two will complete various tasks in selected tourist attractions around Zambales. Each team must have their own car as a means of transportation around the province and must finish each task before moving on to the next.

Pre-registration is a must, and will end on October 20. For more deatails, please visit Sidetrip Magazine’s Multiply page. or check out

This is a great opportunity for the province of Zambales to showcase its beauty to the rest of the country. I won't be able to join the contest, but I'm thrilled that Candelaria will also play a part in the race.



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