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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cinemalaya presents BOSES

This year's Cinemalaya has an entry titled, "BOSES" (Voice). It's the story of a musician, who regains back his humanity by giving violin lessons to a child of the slums. In turn, the child, through the instrument, is able to get back his voice from a muted, abused and desensitized existence. This is a story of a friendship founded on the sublime beauty of music. (blurb from Yoopee)

It stars Ricky Davao, Meryll Soriano, and Ms. Cherry Pie. The interesting part here is the child actor is none other than Casa San Miguel student Julian Duque. Coke Bolipata is also in the movie as the reclusive musician, and I believe it was shot in Casa San Miguel. He also is the movie's musical director, and you'll see him play several times in the movie. Prepare to be amazed.

I met Julian, or Ambo as he's more known, two years ago, during their performance at the Light in a Million Mornings in PICC. He was only six or seven years old then, and the youngest of all the musicians. My younger sister and brother were also playing, and they were all students of Sir Coke. Ambo's violin is really small but he plays it so well.

Here's another chance for Zambales to be in the spotlight! I hope those who are in Manila can take the time to watch this. The movie has a very wonderful message, and is also a vehicle for campaign against child abuse.

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Anonymous said...

I was able to see the movie last night at Cinemateque Davao. Direk Elen Marfil, Coke Bolipata and Julian Duque were there too. Indeed it was a movie full of inspiration. I wish to see more movies from Direk Elen. Wonderfully awesome!