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Monday, May 19, 2008

Candelaria's Cosme aftermath

My sister's friend Waji posted pictures (taken by kanejdanna) about Cosme's aftermath in Candelaria. She was home for vacation and was celebrating with her family for a birthday and baptism when the storm hit. They were stuck at home for the entire day as it was very dangerous to venture out in the storm.

According to Waji, signals from the Philippines' major communications providers went down. Smart and Globe went first, then later Sun Cellular. Contacting people out of the town for help was impossible, as well as trying to get word from fellow Candelarians to see how they were doing.

The following day, Candelaria looked waaaaaay different. The electric cables were all on the ground. Big acacia and mango trees were on houses and establishments. The church, the school and the public library had some windows broken. Almost every corner you turn you'll see roofless houses. Some of the older structures looked like cardboard boxes on the ground. The town was, and I quote my mom, "extremely devastated".

These pictures were taken as proof to be submitted to the social works and community development to explain our town's need for funds to help our town rise again. The media had already shown how devastated Sta. Cruz (the town next to ours is) but they had moved past our town. Since the Chief of Police in our town conducted clearing operations on our highways very early in the day, the media who passed our town were not able to see how extremely devastated our town also was. That's why this album is an attempt to show our country, even the world, how lucky they are just sitting pretty at some place on this day when the super-typhoon hit our small town and made a lot of people homeless.

From: Bright Eyed and Bushytailed

Note: The main highway doesn't enter our town, so if you're driving a private vehicle and not taking the bus or any public transportation, you are very liable to miss the town proper.

Here's a few photos I got from Waji. Click on it to get to the album.

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