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Friday, January 25, 2008

Article: A Mt. Pinatubo Experience (by: Luis Morano)


A Mt. Pinatubo Experience
Luis Morano

Getting the chance to travel and see the Philippine countryside is always a welcome respite from the stress of living and working in a metropolis. But when I was told that I was going to Mt Pinatubo with my colleagues in the Department of Tourism and some members of CAPTA, AFTA and the Philippine Specialists Group, I immediately thought I was in for a tiring and stressful trip. Little did I know that as much as it was going to be some kind of a “wasteland” adventure, it will also be a relaxing and “healing” experience.

The National Geographic Channel once showed a documentary about Pinatubo that talked about the extent of damage to life, property and environment its violent eruption during the early 90’s caused to the Philippines and the world in general. I was definitely exciting as well as it was interesting to see, during a leisure-working trip, the aftermath of the most destructive volcanic event in the Philippines of the 20th century.

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